Every year Drama Play-Classes expand into other areas. We are striving to reach more children annually as we believe Drama is not a luxury, but a necessity. All children need the ability to speak and to speak with dignity and respect. This is why I annually employ more staff. The current positions that are available are for Nursery School Drama Teachers.

The Ideal candidate will have a drama qualification (a drama diploma, degree or licenciate), preferably with a background in nursery school teaching. She must be bilingual with a good voice, clear resonance and articulation, be patient, love working with little ones and have own transport. Training will be provided on an ongoing basis. She will present our program as an extra- mural activity at a variety of nursery schools. The Salary is negotiable and depends on the amount of experience and qualifications held. If you are interested, please post your CV to elizma@mypad.co.za or alternatively fax it to: 086 615 2543.

Your Child is a , Drama Play Classes is fun!