I invite your child to join my Drama-Play classes presented at a variety of the schools and pre-schools during school hours. To find out if a school near you hosts Drama- Play classes, please send me an e-mail.

Give your child the gift of self confidence. Drama classes stimulate the child's self esteem, and develop their creative and cognitive thought processes. It improves your child's ability to memorize, establishes proper speech patterns and establishes acceptable social conversational skills. The classes can be presented in English and Afrikaans. Classes are informal and fun, yet establishing the principles of good speech.

The classes are presented around a theme. At the end of a year a concert is held at which time the children will get an opportunity to showcase their talent to their parents. At this occasion, the children will also receive their certificate stating that they have completed a year of drama play classes successfully.

The classes include the following topics:

  • Correct breathing & pronunciation
  • Movement
  • Mime
  • Recital/ Rhymes
  • Story telling (prose on a child's level)
  • Singing (in line of cabaret and musical's)
  • Imaginary role play and group interaction
  • Puppetry
  • Eisteddfod entry and coaching

Tuition fees at schools and pre-schools (2017) vary from school to school and range between R135 - R200. Special discount apply where we teach entire schools as part of their curriculum. In this event we also include the compilation and choreography of the school's annual concert. For a quote of drama tuition for the entire school, please contact me. Studio tuition (Grade 1 to 7) varies between R250 and R400 depending on the amount of Eisteddfod entries enrolled for.

I hope to see your child soon!


Your Child is a , Drama Play Classes is fun!