Vibe Marketing is an indigenous integrated marketing solution driven company that helps you tell a story and create conversations around your brand.This modern empowerment driven organisation comprises of three groups, namely:
African Conversations, Beautiful Beginnings, and Selaki Sports. The Vibe Marketing infrastructure provides expert solutions within the strategic marketing communications, events and supply and promotional arena, thereby, providing clients with an augmented integrated platform across the marketing and communication spectrum. 
By taking cognisance of worldwide socio economic and cultural climates whilst staying abreast of pertinent transitions in our country. Vibe Marketing is adept at addressing the business demands of both the digital age and global positioning arenas that require holistic strategic implementation rather than isolated and transient solutions by means of business creations within communities.
We has the capacity to successfully devise and execute informed and cutting edge marketing strategies for your brand through story telling.



As a result of our commitment to delivering excellence and our empowerment objectives, Vibe Marketing has always recognised the need for the development and upliftment of the underprivileged community and have established a strategy of true broad-based empowerment of employees, stakeholders and society at large.
Our goal is to ensure that as a significantly black woman managed and owned company ,
we play a decisive role in the industry and our country and continent , are commercially successful, add value to clients and industry alike, empower individuals in related industries, raise the level of culture and marketing communications in South Africa to the highest international standards and make a South African contribution to the international culture.




The difference is that “WE CARE”. Our passion lies in our country and our people. Vibe Marketing has taken an approach that is fresh and unique, by offering optimum levels of service, in addition to significant black empowerment positioning, guaranteeing value for money, phenomenal turnaround time and consistent adherence to light deadlines.
We ensure that clients’ benefit in every way from drawing on the one-stop-communications-pool.
We have a proven track record in delivering service excellence together with first hand experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, therefore the required networking contacts within the industry to access the relevant strategic alliances to execute the marketing and publicity process, most cost effectively and professionally.

  1. Local manufacture of quality and premium arts , crafts and promotional products through our HAPPY ON PURPOSE project.
  2. Increase brand availability, visibility and identity through story telling.
  3. Making a positive contribution to the economy and Encouraging Entrepreneurship.
  4. Supporting Proudly South African initiative.
  5. We pride ourselves by offering personalised service, professional operating systems coupled with passion, innovation and dedication
  6. End user participation in empowering the nation-create a vibe through local products by getting South Africa Working.

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